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This method works with the following operation systems:


NOTE! If your computer has powerful GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) you should consider following the guide for GPU and CPU mining: How to Mine Electroneum With CPU and GPU

Powerful gaming GPU´s can reach a lot higher hashrates than CPU´s.

All screenshots in this tutorial are taken from APPLE OSX version, but the process should be pretty similar with all operation systems. If you can install and run programs on your operation system, you should be able to handle this.

Step 1: Download SumoEasyMiner

Choose your operation system:

Windows 7/8/10 (x64): SumoEasyMiner WINDOWS

Mac OS X: SumoEasyMiner MAC

Linux: SumoEasyMiner Ubuntu


Step 2: Install and run SumoEasyMiner

After you have downloaded the installer, you should install the software. This tutorial assumes that you do know how to install and run software.


Step 3: Configure miner

1. By default your SumoEasyMiner has the default pool added (Sumokoin Official Pool). You cannot remove the default pool but you can disable it if you find it disturbing. You can disable the default pool by clicking the hide button on the right.

Disabling default pool from Electroneum CPU Mining software

2. Click ”Add Pool” from upper right corner of the miner software

Pool settings for Electroneum CPU miner

Add the following settings:

Hashing Algo: Cryptonight

Pool Name: Whatever you like to add here. For example Pool 1.

URL / Port: (you can use other pools also)

Wallet Address: Your Electroneum wallet address (if you don´t have one, go to and get one by signing up).

Password: You can leave this blank, if your pools requires password it is usually x.

This is how your settings should look like:

Mining Pool Details for Electroneum

Click OK!

You can leave the “Threads” and “Priority” to default values.


3. Start mining

Pool ready for CPU mining

To start mining you just need to click the ”Start” button. It can take couple of seconds for the miner to start showing you stats. If you added the pool address that I used in the example, you are now mining on Easyhash pool.

You can see your CPU hashrate from miner software

(Electroneum VIP pool has 5 ETN minimum payout threshold. After you reach 5 ETN the amount will be transferred to your wallet. You can use whatever pool you like! I am not affiliated with Electroneum VIP in any way!)

You can see your mining stats in the url: (Insert your wallet address to see your stats. Note that there is delay in the stats and those are not 100% accurate. You can always see your hashrate in the mining program.)


Pool suggestions: (stats: (stats:



If you dont have Electroneum wallet and you just want to test your CPU hashrate, or you would like to donate some hashing power or Electroneum in exchange for this tutorial:

feel free to use my wallet address:


I appreciate your donation!

Troubleshooting: If miner does not start mining, remove the software, disable antivirus software and reinstall and run the miner software.

If you have guestions related to this tutorial leave comment below.

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